Reviewr Updates Aug 2021: A simple solution to fake reviews?

Reviewr Updates Aug 2021: A simple solution to fake reviews?

Reviewr Team

Reviewr Team

We’ve been working tirelessly to solve the pain of researching products, and we have some exciting new updates to share.

Baqpa now lists 346 of the most trusted backpacks 🎒

After getting fantastic feedback and backpack requests from the wonderful people of Reddit, we’ve updated - a backpack research site we created using our technology.

Baqpa now includes:

  • Verified review analysis. Products with five or more unique review sources (i.e., Amazon, Reddit, and two blogs) have a pink checkmark. Why five? We’ll explain below.
  • 346 backpacks and 15,899 reviews. When we initially created Baqpa, there were around 50 backpacks. We’ve expanded our catalog to be much more comprehensive.
  • Prices and specs for most products. Easily filter and compare backpacks based on your quantitative needs :)

Finding truth in reviews ✅ (and reducing the impact of fake reviews) ❌

fake review meme

As mentioned above, we verify the review analysis for products with five or more unique review sources (i.e., Amazon, Reddit, and two blogs).

Why five? Five is a special number we’ve seen across numerous studies.

In our survey of over 300 consumers, people visit five websites on average for product research before purchasing. Similarly, Nielsen Norman Group advises that user testing only needs to be done with five users. Google famously only does four interviews to make a confident decision on a job applicant.

Of course, looking at just five unique review sources doesn’t guarantee a slam dunk in trust and a perfect cure for fake reviews, but it statistically makes a considerable difference.

Beyond this simple metric, we’re working hard to address trust and fake reviews even further. We are looking at discrepancies and contradictions among reviews, the trustworthiness of a source (i.e., Wirecutter vs. Amazon), and more. Stay tuned for updates in this area.

See our tech in action on NewMouth 🦷 and 💰 is making its way across the internet. We recently helped the great folks at NewMouth (a leading, medically-reviewed dental resource site) create a useful tool to compare dental aligner services.


Looking to compare prices AND reviews? We’re also helping combine its powerful price comparison engine with our review experience.

Take a sneak peek here, which includes a widget.


What’s next? 🤔

A lot of exciting things are in the works, that includes:

  • 🛒 Review summarizer for consumers. Both as a standalone website and as a chrome extension for the top marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, and more).
  • ⚙️ Self-service. Create an account and analyze reviews for any given product. Access and share the data through a widget or API.
  • 👁️ Enhanced fake detection. Our review analysis verification is just the tip of the iceberg. Fake reviews are a big problem, and we strive to address this.
  • 🚀 Product Hunt launch. If you’re on Product Hunt, look out for us on Friday, Aug 27. We’ll be launching officially on that day, so be sure to give us an upvote and say hello!

We have also published some blogs; lately, you should check them out:

That’s all for now!

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