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Why Reviewr

Finding and researching good products can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Reviewr gives you the confidence to buy the right product - concise, tailored, trustworthy.


Stop wasting hours reading reviews. We summarize product reviews from all over the web into simple bullet-point lists.

Review Aggregation

Our technology collects and analyzes reviews from trusted sources like Reddit, YouTube, and independent review sites.

Resistant to Fake Reviews

We filter out shady review sites, products with dishonest reviews and scam websites.

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Community & Social Proof

We're building a community for product enthusiasts that helps each other. We make it easy to find out what people you know or respect are buying.

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Recommendation Engine

Our engine compares the product you want to buy to all its main competitors and then specifically gives you the points that distinguish the products.

How It Works

Reviews collected from anywhere

Reviews are scattered across the internet, making it confusing for consumers to understand what people say. We collect reviews from anywhere online and put them in one place for you.


Reviews ranked based on quality

Fake and low-effort reviews don't help consumers. We score reviews with fake detection and helpfulness rating to surface the best quality reviews.


Research summarized for you

With the highest quality reviews from across the internet, we provide an overall score (InternetScore) and summarize all the information you need to know about a product.


Use Cases For Businesses

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Review Widget

Turn more browsers into buyers by showcasing your reviews from all around the internet.

Consumer Insights

Learn from consumer behavior and sentiment trends.

Competitor Analysis

Explore competitors, discover growth points, and keep an eye on markets.

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What Our Numbers Are Saying

For thousands of customers around the world, Reviewr makes product research fast, transparent and trustworthy.

270K+ Analyzed reviews by Reviewr.

7K+ Email Subscribers and a growing community of product enthusiasts that help you with product research.

$300K+ Purchases made via Reviewr 2021.

Endless Hours of frustrated online search saved.

What Our Users Are Saying

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"This looks like a fantastic resource for someone like who is just getting into knife collecting. Having all these discussion and perspectives on knives from a place not trying to sell me one of said knives is pretty handy."




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